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2020. január 29., szerda

Absolute entry level

This website is for you. Don't believe that only a guru or master can teach this. In fact, neither a master nor a guru needs it, only you alone. Masters and gurus live by the fact that few people trust in themselves and generally seek the easier way. Over time, the original spirit and faded, the new generations are already born to be interested in something like that, it can only be in school (understand master or guru). No way! This can only be learned at home and on your own and this website is about how to get started.

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Beginner level

Many are in a position to become familiar with the subject, but have not yet gone to an esoteric group to learn more about it. I'd love to say you forget everything you've learned so far but I would rather put it aside and later compare the information you already know with what you will read here. This is not to say that what you have come to know from this is a lie, but that you are experiencing a whole new worldview that you must somehow integrate what you have learned in another context.

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Levels of people who once went to groups

You are in the fortunate position that the Master has not seen your imagination and let you go. This could also be because someone in your stellar network is already in your group and/or maybe you were not sympathetic to him/her. After all, a master needs to be mindful of the chances that newcomers can incorporate into the community he/she has already built. What sets you apart from the Beginner is that you have already contacted your energy system with that group, so you have to start differently before the two separate paths become one.

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The level of those who attend esoteric groups

You have two choices. One is to start the ÉlményPark Holoplatform in your mind and look inside to see what's going on. However, you do this only when you feel that you are not where you want to be and that you have little hope of leaving. The ÉlményPark is not a sect or a religion, but a tool for solo travelers and will guide you back to your journey. Your other choice is to get to know a completely new worldview and try to fit it into your current knowledge.

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Level of masters and gurus

Whoever considers himself a master or a guru and seizes this opportunity is surely the result of realization. I do not ask you for the things you have asked of those who came to you. If you consider yourself a master but you really are not, here's the chance to become that. In the meantime, you'll realize I'm not your master. I'm a master of myself and it will be your way. What you can learn here is just a method. A quality of thinking that your helpers have been trying to work out of you so far, but if you continue to click here, you already realized that this is a dead end for you.

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I don't need the talk-talk, just the point

In this case, you're the one who should have found this sooner. But do not be discouraged, it is no coincidence that you have not come sooner. Usually the cause of every present event is in the future and can be managed without you wanting to understand everything at any cost. Allow time for the layers of understanding to be built in, so that the new layer will dry out the old one.

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